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On 'Dead Man Walking'....


‘This is the best solo collection Jim Kirkpatrick has ever produced’ - Powerplay Magazine 10/10

'Quite simply a masterpiece'. - Metal Planet Music 10/10

‘Dead Man Walking doesn’t just sound the part, it carries some of Jim Kirkpatrick’s best work to date’ - Fabrications HQ.

‘Jim Kirkpatrick has cemented his position as one of the UK’s best Blues Rock artists of the 21st Century’ - Life Music Media.

‘The musicianship is really stunning’ - Raw Ramp.

‘Dead Man Walking is an exercise in excellence from start to finish’ - Rush On Rock.

‘With new studio album Dead Man Walking, Jim Kirkpatrick walks the walk and talks the talk!’ - Planet Mosh 5/5

‘Dead Man Walking is an album that confirms Jim Kirkpatrick’s place as one of the most skilful and talented blues-rock guitarists around’ - Emerging Rock Bands.

‘This album should be on blues, rock, country and any sort of music fans radar’ - Entertainment Focus 4/5

‘A collection that is notable too, for its staggering consistency…….
‘A wonderfully crafted record……
‘Most incredible record’ - Maximum Volume Music 9.5/10

'Jim Kirkpatrick has produced another winning solo album that demands repeated plays from the listener'. - Get Ready To Rock 4/5

'Jim Kirkpatrick has produced a brace of albums that place him in the crème de la crème of British blues-rock' - Blues Enthused.

Two Classic Rock Magazine ‘Tracks of the Week’ winners with ‘Dead Man Walking’ and ‘Union Train’.




On 'Ballad of a Prodigal Son'....


‘What we have in Jim Kirkpatrick is England’s equivalent to Joe Bonamassa. This is the joint album of the year. Fact’ – Blues Matters.

'The most important British Blues-Rock album of recent years, and Jim should be regarded as being right at the pinnacle of the world’s best Blues guitarist / vocalists' - Life Music Media.

‘This debut solo effort is something pretty special indeed. 8.5/10’ - Sonic Abuse.

‘Ballad of a Prodigal Son is a vibrant, upbeat collection. 8/10’ - Classic Rock Magazine.

‘This album is absolutely top notch. 4/5’ - Music News.

‘A stupendous choice’ - Fireworks.

‘If Joe Bonamassa had made a record as good as this. 9/10’ - Maximum Volume Music.

‘Pretty darn essential. 4/5’ - Get Ready To Rock.

‘Ballad Of A Prodigal Son is an album where Kirkpatrick puts all his talent to serve and legitimize his path as a blues rocker. 8.5/10’ - Blues Rock Review.

‘It’s the songs that really stand out’ - PowerPlay.

‘Oozing quality’ - Blues In Britain.

‘A really superb album!’ - Rockposer.

‘5/5’ - Planet Mosh.

‘An absolutely belting record’ – The Midlands Rocks.

‘8.5/10’ - All About The Rock.

‘It is worth it's weight in gold’ - Rockgig.

‘Go get this album if you love melodic Rock and the Blues, you won’t regret it!’ - Metal Planet Music.

‘So if you’re sitting there waiting with bated breath waiting for the new Joe Bonamassa album, then stop it. Breathe. Relax. And get your order in for Ballad Of A Prodigal Son. You won’t be disappointed’ - Blues Enthused.

‘Oozes moreish quality’ - Metal Talk.

‘The prodigal son has returned with a blues rock belter’ - FabricationsHQ.

'Ballad of a Prodigal Son' winner of Classic Rock magazines 'Tracks of the Week'.

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